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Best pub in southampton, music is great, staff are amazing, good prices, music is quality every time, pool tables are great, not ya average pub tacky ones. advise everyone to go and experience his pub   09-10-14
Tags: drinks, live music, pool, pub


staff are great, helpful and know their stuff, quality work, great atmosphere really inviting, amazing value for money would definitely recommend every one to go here you wont be disappointed    09-10-14
Tags: , tattoo


he shops okay it sells a variety of products. the website is like its for a different shop as next to none of the products in store are listed on the website. i cant say the staff are very helpful and one thing i noticed the most was some of the jackets and foot wear appeared to be dirty. some of the tees for sale are great, unique and some are funny. its a bigger stuff but i cant see that much variety to be honest. some items i think a little over priced but then some items give you a good value for money. i would go thee again but i would be reluctant to spend a lot id rather spend a little more else where rather than just buy in here for the sake of it. however the shop does appear to be tidy which is customer inviting   09-10-14
Tags: , clothing, footwear, money